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Don’t Be Offended! Date: February 28, 2016 Audio Sermon: Click on the play button below. We live in a world where being offended has become almost everyone’s favorite hobby. Everyone has some axe to grind and gets offended over something. However, is offence something that we are naturally disposed to? Is being offended an involuntary reaction to something we just don’t like or agree with? This sermon addresses issues surrounding what it means to be offended, what being offended involves psychologically and emotionally, and how we are often prone to react to situations by becoming offended. Furthermore, pivotal questions are considered such as, “Can we help becoming offended?” “Can being offended be something good given the right circumstances?” and “In what way can we understand being offended in order to grow in our Christian walk?” If you are someone who is easily offended, I hope this sermon will be a […]