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“I work with young people every day who long to make an impact in their generation. I talk with young and old alike who crave purpose and seek to make a mark on the world. But here is the key to making an impact in the earth: give yourself wholeheartedly to God. I don’t mean throwing our hands up in a worship service. I mean giving yourself wholeheartedly to God. Devote your life to radical, unbalanced, extravagant pursuit of God. Follow Him in obedience to His Word, prayer, fasting, giving, holiness, and devoting your life to fulfill His commandments and the Great Commission…. Extravagant love for God is the right response to the cross. People will always be looking for a way to stay near the fence. They’ll tell you to calm down, to not live so radically. They will tell you you’re doing ok when you aren’t. They’ll constantly […]

“Spending too much time on the details rather than the dreams. This is a natural corollary to the mistake of staying busy. When life gets busy and I get invested in all the dirty details flowing my way, I lose site of the dreams that God has for me. Here’s the reality: those dreams usually come when the pace of my life slows enough to do stuff like read, pray, rest, experience new places, and meet new people. Dealing with the dailiness of life doesn’t allow for that. It needs to be planned and prioritized. We need to create space to experience God and all that he has for us.” ~Tony Morgan and Andy Stanley, Killing Cockroaches, 186. Sometimes I feel like I am not sure exactly where I am going in life. When I try to really figure out where God is leading me I tend to get all […]