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Over the course of the past several decades, a movement throughout the evangelical Christian community has become increasingly popular and in-demand. It is not surprisingly so. This movement, often called the “Prosperity Gospel” (PG), caters to the desire of every God-believing Christian…the desire to see a kick-back in their wallet, lifestyle, or profession because of their faith. I mean, come on…who doesn’t want to mix the American Dream into their Christian ideals? You can get two birds with one stone! (…joke) This movement has marched under the banner of many names, such as “Name it and claim it”, “Health and wealth”, “Positive confession theology”, but as David Brunette aptly states, “The good news of Jesus Christ is not a magic spell that secures for us a healthy and prosperous future.”[1] Actually, the good news of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with our homes, cars, bank accounts, job promotions, peer […]